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Can I receive inbound call within my CRM?
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Yes, it is possible for your customers to call your support team with our services and if you use Zendesk as a CRM the end result will be even better.

Please keep into account that as we're referring to videocalls, it won't be possible to use phone numbers to allow customers to reach support: everything will be managed through the web.

There is a couple of configuration you can adopt to add inbound calls to your support experience:

Use your Zendesk Messaging Widget

You can configure your chatbot in a way that one of the options given to users will be 'Start a video call'. Further in the flow, you can then generate a video call using API and route the conversation to an agent, so that they will be able to join the same through the link.

You can click here to learn more about this configuration.

Use your Public Page

Your Public Page has also an option that allows customers to generate a video call without the intervention of an agent.

When you enable this option on the Public Page, clients can provide their full name and email address, then adjust their mic/camera settings before entering the call.

Your agents will see the new call popping up on the dashboard, and they click on it so that they can engage with the customer on the video call.

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