How can I invite guests to a call?
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When you create a videocall, there are mainly two ways of inviting guests to join you as well. Before doing so, please note that a maximum of 4 participants can be on the call at the same time.

By sharing the link

Once you join a call, look for the button Invite on the top right side of the call interface, from there select the option 'Share link'. Copy the one and share with the guest you'd like to interact with in the video call.

Each call link doesn't have any expiration date and guest can join as many times as they want, so it can be used again in case you need to engage with the guests again.

By sending an email

From the same pop up accessible by clicking on the button 'Invite', you can also send an email to the guest, which can be more convenient in case you're not currently engaged in a chat or a conversation with them.

Before sending the email, you have the possibility to add a custom message to it, and your guest will receive that plus a button to join the call.

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