What are the common use of video calls in support?
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There's plenty of use cases where video calls can boost your customer support and satisfaction, but we understand it might be challenging to implement this within your process at first.

Here below we summarized some of the use cases which are successfully addressed with SnapCall by our customers. Please drop us a message in case you're also getting started with our services and wondering what's the best way to use video calls.

Getting started with a new product or service

Getting started with a new product or service can be confusing. You can smooth this process using video calls.

A high-quality onboarding experience makes it easier for customers to start using your product. It also reduces the number of onboarding-related tickets they send to support. Plus, it makes it more likely that users will get invested in using the product, use it to its full potential, and ultimately become promoters of your brand.

Live trainings

If you’re working with a hybrid or fully remote customer support team, you already know how difficult it can be to bring them up to speed.

This is where customer service training video calls come in. An agent can quickly connect with your customers and provide guidance using video, screen share or any other feature available at SnapCall.

Step by Step support

Not always it is easier to guide customers by sending them lengthy email, here is why jumping on a video call can be useful to speed up this process.

Plus, clients who are guided with video by a support agent tend to raise less questions to support about the same topic, reducing the number of queries in the long term.

Live troubleshooting

Deep diving into a technical issue with a client is much easier within a video call, as customers can better show their issue with video.

This becomes even more useful in case the issue cannot be replicated by your Team, so a support agent can jump on a call with the client and collect all the necessary detail.

Client onboarding and verification

Some organization are obliged by law to ensure each client who sign up is verified by their Team. Regardless if this is your case, or you simply want to enhance compliance at your organization, SnapCall can help you achieving this.

An agent can quickly send a call link to your client, so that they can both interact using voice and video, ensuring the verification is completed in a smoothly manner.

The call can be also recorded, so that you can access this at any time in case of need.

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